Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers:
Niklas Beisert Yangian Symmetry in the AdS/CFT Correspondence
Jaume GomisExact Results in Supersymmetric Field Theories
Olaf HohmGeneralized spacetimes: double field theory, alpha' corrections
and M-theory
Gabriele HoneckerRecent advances in string phenomenology - a biased overview

Special Interest Talk: Cosmology
Licia VerdeThe latest news from cosmology and their implications

Public Lecture:
Dieter Lüst Strings, Geometrie von Raum und Zeit und das Multiversum (in German)

Contributed Talks

  • Michael Abbott: Integrable strings in AdS_3 backgrounds
  • Irene Amado: Landau criterion for holographic superfluids
  • Ines Aniceto: Resurgent Analysis in String Theory
  • Riccardo Argurio: Holographic (Super)Current Correlators and (Super)Symmetry Breaking
  • Jay Armas: Brane Effective Actions and Black Hole Elasticity
  • Daniel Butter: The N=2 Gauss-Bonnet and other higher derivative terms from conformal supergravity
  • Xian Camanho: Lovelock gravity, black holes and holography
  • Gabriel Lopes Cardoso: Deformed special geometry: the Hesse potential and the holomorphic anomaly equation
  • Davide Cassani: Taming superconformal anomalies on supersymmetric backgrounds
  • Richard Garavuso: Analogues of Mathai-Quillen forms in sheaf cohomology and applications to topological field theory
  • Adolfo Guarino: On electromagnetic duality and the vacua of N=8 supergravity
  • Jelle Hartong: Sources and Vevs for Lifshitz Holography
  • Gianluca Inverso: Unoriented quiver gauge theories with flavour
  • Christoph Keller: Constraints on 2d CFT partition functions
  • Anatoly Konechny: Bounds on boundary entropy
  • Samuel Monnier: Global gravitational anomaly cancellation for five-branes
  • Ayan Mukhopadhyay: Spacetime emergence via holographic RG flow and the fluid-gravity correspondence
  • Suresh Nampuri: Indefinite theta functions in black hole counting
  • Niels Obers: Blackfolds: long-wave length dynamics of black branes and applications
  • Tassos Petkou: Holographic perfect fluidity and the Cotton-energy momentum tensor duality in three dimensions
  • Flavio Porri: Holographic R-symmetric flows and the \tau_U conjecture
  • Daniel Ricci Pacifici: Exact results in N=2 gauge theories
  • Johannes Schmude: Superconformal indices and Sasaki-Einstein manifolds
  • Konstantinos Siampos: Gravity duals of N=2 superconformal field theories with no electrostatic description
  • Eirik Eik Svanes: Heterotic supergravity, and the alpha' expansion
  • Gabriele Tartaglino Mazzucchelli: New superspace techniques for conformal supergravity in three dimensions
  • Somyadip Thakur: Second order transport from anomalies
  • Chiara Toldo: Phase transitions of hairy magnetic AdS_4 black holes
  • Thomas van Riet: A second look at uplifting anti-branes
  • Marco Zagermann: Cosmological Constant, Near Brane Behavior and Singularities